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How to use tutim with react


Tutim library allows you to easily create and manage web applications wizards.

You can find the library here:

How to use

Form configuration is always fully customizable with no-code.

When speaking about the coded form implementation, we consider 3 main parts: TutimWizard, FormProvider, and CustomField

  • TutimWizard handles the wizard's logic and UI for you, offering the least flexibility but the quickest and easiest way to get a fully functional wizard up and running from a configuration.

  • FormProvider load once per application, handles fields customizations and loading, remote schemas, and global configurations

  • CustomField - generate any field that you like and re-use it everywhere by naming alone! Field logic and wizard logic is handled for you and received as props and usable via hooks.


Thank you for trying out Tutim!

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