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How tutim should be used


Tutim offers 3 different products to get your forms done:

  1. SDK

  2. Portal

  3. Cloud backend

Whether you use the SDK on its own or take advantage of the additional features offered by the Portal and Cloud products, you can save development time and enable non-technical team members to collaborate on form creation and management.


1. SDK: React form library

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The SDK is a react form library that allows you to easily create beautiful multi-step forms with maximum flexibility and performance.

With the SDK, you can save development time and customize forms that meet your specific needs.

2. Portal: Management layer on top of the SDK

The Portal is a management layer that sits on top of the SDK. It allows you to create, manage, and serve form schema (in JSON format) to use within your SDK using a drag-and-drop form builder. This feature is especially useful for team collaboration, as it allows non-technical team members to contribute to form creation without needing to write code.

3. Cloud (Backend form submissions and integrations) (closed-beta)

The Cloud product handles all of the backend form submissions and integrations for you, taking the burden off of your development team.

This feature is also useful for enterprise users, who can choose to have the Cloud service run on-premise for added security.


Whether you need the flexibility and performance of the SDK, the collaborative features of the Portal, or the convenience of the Cloud service, this solution has the tools you need to build the wizards your application needs.

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